10 Problems Curvy Women Run Into While Bikini Shopping

10 Problems Curvy Women Run Into While Bikini Shopping

Busty Beauties

Double Ds, plus size and curvy are the names that we are labeled, because we do not fit standard size. Being a blessed busty woman comes with problems that only busty girls with big boobs will understand. Especially, when you go for a bikini shopping hoping that this time you buy cute bikini that you can fit into. Frustration and disappointment are the feelings you are stuck with and ruining the mood for your shopping bestie. How can she understand your frustration, if all swimwear she tries on, fits her perfectly?

1. They don’t have your size in the store…

When you ask for your size in swimwear store and they say they do not have plus- size bikini.


2. You go ahead and try smaller size anyway…

When you find really cute bikini top and you are on a mission impossible.

3.Asking your bestie for an opinion

Your bestie sees you with the bikini top on and can't help herself...


4. Swimwear finally comes in your size.

You can’t believe what you are seeing…bikini top in XXL? “WOW I must be dreaming!”


5. Then you see yourself in the mirror. 

The bikini top does not support your girls at all, straps are not adjustable, the color is ugly and you end up totally disappointed.

 6. Bestie says how lucky you are. 

She wishes that you could give her a part of your boobs, because you have so much of it.

7. When people ask you uncomfortable questions like; "Can you sleep on your stomach?"

There are questions you just don't ask. Didn't your mom teach you?

8. How do you think you look, when you are running....

9.......and how you actually look.

10. Your idol is and always will be - Kate Upton

 And that my friends is how MAMACITA BIKINI was established. Yes, out of the pure frustration.


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