How to Choose Your Perfect One-Piece Swimwear!

How to Choose Your Perfect One-Piece Swimwear!

What to Expect and How to Choose Your Perfect One-Piece Swimwear!


After the year we’ve had, the need for a dreamy summer holiday in 2021 is greater than ever. And ladies, we’re here with your perfect go-to swimwear for the year ahead!

This collection is truly like no other; with no underwires and thick, adjustable straps, your comfort and confidence is, as ever, our top priority.

And what’s more, 2021 Collection will be available in Rouge, Sage, Wild Berry and Saphire, alongside the classic black you know and love.

As ever, our ultimate goal with this collection was to create beautiful, high quality pieces that allow you to feel your absolute best.

But of course, what makes you feel radiant is highly personal and depends on choosing the right piece for you.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to find your perfect 2021 swimwear staple!

  1. Let go of the restraints of societal expectation. Gone are the days when curvy girls were told what was ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ to wear, and honestly, good riddance! We know that every size and shape is wonderful, and that the unique curves of our bodies are a beautiful part of who we are. So this year, vow to rid yourself of those old-fashioned expectations that plus size women shouldn’t wear light colors or patterns. Step out on that well-earned summer break feeling a million bucks in exactly what you want to be wearing!
  2. Consider functionality. To feel truly confident in your swimwear, it’s important to consider where you will be wearing it and what function it needs to serve for you. No plans other than to lounge beside the pool for 2 weeks? We feel you! In that case, why not go for something itsy-bitsy and super sexy? Planning on playing some volleyball on the beach or heading out for a sun-drenched stroll? Think about what sort of piece will combine comfort and support with style for that perfect balance of practicality and fashion. With its great, non-underwired support and thick, sturdy straps, one of our Collection 21 pieces may be just what you’re after.
  3. Love yourself unconditionally. Regardless of which piece you settle on, the most important thing to remember is to show yourself some love! Whether you’re heading off on a summer vacation or simply taking a break at home, allow yourself to fully switch off and surrender to some well-deserved me-time to recharge your batteries. So throw on that beautiful new swimsuit, take your pew by the pool and enjoy!


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