Bikini Shopping for Curvy Women Tips

Bikini Shopping for Curvy Women Tips

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Even though sizing can help us navigate through the bikini fit, it does not necessarily mean the size corresponds to your needs. That is why you should consider these seven features that can enhance swimwear fit and comfort. 

1. Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are one of the essential features of the bikini. They can make a significant impact on how you look and, most importantly, how you feel in the bikini. Whether your girls hang a little lower than you would like or your shoulders are in pain, adjust the strap and problem solved.

2. Under-boob support

Women with larger cup sizes usually need support under the girls to avoid the slip out. Whether it is the extra fabric or possibility to tie your waist straps tight, your breasts will be secured in place in this bikini top.

3. The thicker, the better

When busty, try to avoid wearing thin straps, they can unpleasantly cut into the skin around your shoulders and neck.

4. Forget a necktie

Tying bikini straps tightly around your neck is a recipe for unbearable neck pain, especially when you are a bustier woman. You do not want to ruin your beach day by being uncomfortable in your cute swimwear.

5. Waist extender hooks

Similar to adjustable straps, extender hooks can add extra inches or tighten the tie around your waist up. The bikini fit is crucial for comfort, and the better the fit, the better the swimwear experience.

6. Padding

Padding inserts for the bikini tops are a plus. Having an option to insert or remove pads is always highly appreciated.

7. Plastic vs. Metal

Even a small detail such as bikini hooks is important, do not underestimate the amount of pressure on the strap hook. Unfortunately, sometimes the plastic hooks can not handle it. If possible, choose metal hooks over plastic ones, and it will make your life easier.

A bikini top that has it all. Introducing Mamacita Swim Wrap Top 

The Wrap Bikini Top isn’t only made from high-quality material, but also checks all the boxes! The Wrap Bikini Top provides adjustable thick straps equipped with metal hooks, waist extender hooks for a better fit, under-boob support, and removable pads! We are trying to keep these features in mind when designing the bikini tops to eliminate the discomfort that busty women might experience. We make it easy for you to choose the right bikini tops.

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