How to Embrace Swimwear Season as a New Mom

How to Embrace Swimwear Season as a New Mom

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Becoming a Mom is likely the most wonderful, scary and exciting journey you have ever been on. With your new little treasure, your life will have been turned upside down in a million and one different ways.

As a new Mom, it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and it’s likely that the last thing on your mind will have been getting back into your bikini!

When summer comes around, many new Moms feel a little apprehensive about stepping back out onto the beach – this is completely natural. Pregnancy can change our bodies massively, and it may take a little while to get used to your brand new (but equally as incredible) self!

Many Moms may notice a change in their boob size, or a bit of extra tummy from carrying their little one for a whole nine months. It’s normal to feel self-conscious about your new and unfamiliar shape, but it’s important to remember what your body has achieved, and how amazing it truly is.

Here at Mamacita Swim we want all of our beautiful new Moms to feel as wonderful in their swimwear as they deserve to. Here are just a few key tips to help you feel your best at the beach!

1. Don’t Feel Pressured to ‘Snap Back’

One of society’s most damaging expectations for new Moms is that you should ‘snap back’ to your pre-pregnancy weight within months. This is not only incredibly damaging, but completely ridiculous!

Navigating life with a new baby is time-consuming and hard enough as it is, without making it more difficult for yourself by setting unrealistic weight loss goals.

Repeat after us: There is NO PRESSURE to lose weight after pregnancy.

Of course, if you would like to lose a few pounds post-pregnancy, this is totally your choice. But whether or not you decide to, you deserve to feel empowered and happy in your body!

2. Choose New Swimwear That Empowers you

This leads onto our second point. Due to the incredible process of bringing life into this world, your body may have changed in shape, and your pre-pregnancy bikini or swimsuit may no longer fit as you’d like it to.

We say this is a perfect excuse to treat yourself!

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s more than ok if you’re not quite at peace with your post-pregnancy body just yet, but great swimwear can help you in that journey.

If you find your boobs have grown or need a little extra support, why not opt for a slightly larger bikini top?

Feeling a little insecure about your new tummy? No problem – try out a gorgeous high-waisted bikini bottom!

3. Embrace Yourself as you are

There’s absolutely no shame in covering up your insecurities as you grow to accept your new body, but it’s important to work on self-acceptance in the process.

Your body may be a little different now, but it has been through so much, performed miracles and you are still as wonderful as you always were!

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