Introducing Ivana: The Adventurous Bikini Designer and Founder of Mamacita Swim

Born and raised in the enchanting landscapes of Slovakia, Ivana, embarked on a life-changing journey to Scandinavia in her 20s. Copenhagen, Denmark became her home for a while, where she pursued her studies. Despite falling in love with the city's charm, she couldn't quite warm up to its cold, rainy weather. Her soul yearned for sun-kissed shores and sandy beaches, igniting a passion for travel and adventure that continues to drive her today. Ivana has since settled down with an Ohioan, and together, they are raising two little boys.

The Inspiration Behind Mamacita Swim

Ever noticed how people tend to fixate on their "problem" areas when it comes to shopping? For Ivana, it was always the quest for the perfect bikini top. Blessed with a natural DD cup, she spent years trying on countless bikini tops, but none seemed to fit just right. The largest sizes were either too small or perpetually sold out, lacking the support busty women need. And don't get her started on the prints—why did they always seem fit for her grandma's closet?

They say where you spend your money reveals your passion, and for Ivana, it was crystal clear. She knew the swimwear industry needed a revolution, especially for busty girls like her. So, in 2018, during conducting research for her master thesis in Bali, she couldn't stop wondering about swimwear manufacturers in the area, the idea struck her—Ivana was going to start a swimwear business. A quick Google search for "swimwear manufacturer near me," and just like that, MAMACITA SWIM was born.

Building her dream since 2016, Ivana officially launched in 2019, with a successful Summer Pop-Up at a local boutique since 2020.

About Mamacita Swim: Empowering Women with Perfectly Fitted Bikinis

Mamacita Swim stands as a beacon of empowerment for women who have long been underserved by mainstream swimwear brands. Founded by Ivana, a visionary designer and busty woman herself, Mamacita Swim is more than just a swimwear brand—it's a revolution.

Having experienced the frustration of ill-fitting bikini tops firsthand, Ivana made it her mission to ensure that no woman ever has to settle for less than she deserves. With a meticulous approach to design, Ivana prioritizes fit, comfort, and style, especially for those with larger busts. Her innovative size-down approach guarantees a perfect fit, eliminating any worries of spillage and ensuring that every woman feels confident and supported.

Step into the world of Mamacita Swim and experience swimwear that is more than just fabric and stitches—it's a celebration of womanhood, confidence, and empowerment. Join Ivana and the Mamacita Swim movement, where every woman is celebrated, every body is beautiful, and every bikini is made with love.